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Many of us experience difficulties or distress of one kind of another in life, this may be as a result of...


...stress, personal relationships, anxiety, depression, anger, bereavement or loss, low self confidence/esteem, change of circumstances, health issues, sex and sexuality, a general dissatisfaction with life or loss of a sense of purpose or direction.


Sometimes we reach a point were we simply need to talk to somebody, someone who listens and accepts us for who we are. 


We at BCS offer a warm, caring, supportive, professional counselling service within a confidential environment for adults, couples and young people living in Ormskirk and around West Lancashire, Preston, Southport and Wigan.


No matter what your situation counselling offers effective help.


What is Counselling?



As the largest professional body representing counselling and psychotherapy in the UK, the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, provide this definition:


   'Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of talking therapies.  They are delivered by trained practitioners who work with people over a long or short term to help them bring about effective change or enhance their wellbeing.'


We at BCS believe that counselling is an effective 'talking therapy' that aims to help you to understand yourself and your difficulties.  It is about promoting empowerment and a person's ability to make independant choices and can help you to become aware of and guard against too much stress in your life.


Counselling is not advice giving or persuasion.  Nor is it just a friendly chat.


Counselling enables you to work toward living in a way that you experience as more satisfying and resourceful. 


About us:



At times some people often see counselling as being for those who are unwell, but we make counselling available to anybody who feels they could benefit from talking to somebody outside of family and friends.  Counselling can be very liberating in enabling an individual to move forward with their lives, however big or small their problem/s may feel.


Burscough Counselling Service is a group of established independant professional therapists who have come together in the local West Lancashire community to provide 'Talking Therapy'.


BCS core team of male and female therapists are experienced counsellors and are members of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy abiding by the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice.


Each counsellor works from a base model of Person-Centred counselling.  This being an approach developed by Carl Rogers who saw each individual as the best authority on their own lives. 


Person-Centred counselling aims to offer a safe, non-judgemental, nurturing environment in which you can explore your personal issue



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Burscough Counselling Service

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Current Price List


One to One Counselling:

Initial 1 hour meeting £20

Subsequent 1 hour sessions £35 each**

**Payment for each session is payable at the booking of the session**


Couple counselling:

Initial 1 hour meeting £30

Subsequent 1 hour sessions £45 each**

**Payment for each session is payable at the booking of the session**


at BCS. Choose either a male or female counsellor.




Core team of Counsellors Qualified & 

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy Members


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